Saturday, September 11, 2010

We're Back!

The week at the beach is over. It came and went so quickly. It is hard to believe that this time last week I was frantically packing making sure I didn't forget anything and now I am back home and back in routine. Landon is enjoying his morning playtime (which now includes walking around every piece of furniture) and I am looking through the Sunday ads planning our shopping for the week.

We had decided early on in the week to leave a day early. There was no sense in staying until Saturday since we wouldn't be able to hit the beach at all. We were hoping that leaving late afternoon Friday we would miss some of the traffic and then we would also have a full weekend at home. We left a little earlier than we had planned but we made good time on the road and we were home by 6:00.

I loved being at the beach but there is nothing better than being home.  It smelled like home, it felt like home, we were home. I could tell Landon was happy too. He was absolutely giddy all evening and when bed time came around he went without protest. I think he enjoyed sleeping in his own bed as well.

So I have talked about us leaving and us coming home. I guess you might be interested in what happened in between. I promise over the weekend that I will work on that and fill you in on most of the details.

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