Friday, April 22, 2011

shooting some hoops!

Now that we are getting to warmer weather we have relocated the basketball hoop outside.

Landon absolutely loves playing outside these days and having a ball to throw and kick around is definitely one of his favorite things to do.

Here are few photos that I took a few weeks ago.

where's the ball?

"i wonder if i will get in trouble for opening this door"

homemade bubbles

Every once and awhile I get a little domestic and crafty. Last weekend I made Landon some homemade bubbles. I haven't figured out if this method is actually cheaper than just buying a bottle at the dollar store. I have a feeling that it is. I paid $5.00 for the glycerin and the other ingredients are just dish soap and water. You only need a little bit of glycerin for the recipe so it will last a long time.

We didn't have any bubble wands on hand so we made do with cooking utensils. Thanks to my neighbor for that idea!

Landon had a blast shaking the spatula and watching the bubbles go everywhere. He also enjoyed dumping all the bubbles out.

It was a fun and thrifty Sunday afternoon activity.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Super Savannah & Super Landon

to the RESCUE!

In case you missed my post about Landon's Super Hero Cape here. I thought I would post a few pictures of him playing around outside.

I think he looks more like a magician since it is so long but whatever! He loves it and that is all that matters to me!

Landon's Room

I have finally painted Landon's room!

He is almost two so I figured it was high time that I gave him a decent looking room of his own.

I have yet to decorate the walls and I still want to experiment with the placement of the furniture but I am so excited that it is painted! Bye bye booger stained wall (yes he wipes his boogers on the wall - he is awesome)!


one monkey rug - the full extent of my "nursery" decorating

After: It is a lovely beige color "toasted almond"

Sorry I only have one angle of the the "after" right now. As I add to the room I will take more. You can at least see what the color looks like here. It's so daring and bold, haha.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh Snap!

I decided awhile ago that I wanted to stop posting videos on the blog because if I were to get my blog printed they wouldn't show up.

This video (in my opinion) is too good not to post.

This video is of my son "snapping" and dancing in the tub.

In this video you will learn:

a. How much I love my son. Someone as tone deaf as me would not post a video of them singing.
b. My son is hilarious!
c. I will NOT be trying out for American Idol.

I hope you laughed as much as I did!

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