Saturday, February 12, 2011

Short Stories

Landon - if we could have a word I have a few questions.

1. When did you get so freaking funny?

2. When did you get so freaking smart?
I have a few short stories to tell you and hopefully they will explain why I have the questions above.

What do you want to hear first? Smart? Or Funny?

Funny, just as I thought.

Let me see how do I give you a good visual of this? We were getting you ready for bed and you were running around naked (a new night time event as of late) and your dad asked you to come over to put your diaper on. The diaper was laying down on the ground waiting for you little behind to sit on it. You however had other plans. You proceeded to back your butt into your dad's face and bend down like you were a center in a football game.

If that isn't funny enough it got better! You are now in your diaper saving us all from a possible bathroom accident, thank goodness. You walk out into the hallway, we are in your room pj's in hand, and back up into the wall and wait there. I called out to you to come in and put your pajamas on and you just stood there. Then I heard it - a giant fart! Followed by laughter and you running back into your room with us. Hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing.

Side note - thank you for excusing yourself from the room. That is a very gentleman thing to do. Your dad and I could learn a lot from you.

Now onto the smart/helpful/unbelievably proud portion of this blog.

Every day you amaze me with your ability to grasp and remember where things are and how to do things. (1) If you hear Savannah tap her water bowl you bring it to me to fill it up with water. (2) You have mastered the foot pedal on the trash can and find a unique joy in throwing things away. I must admit I am a little worried about this one. I am hoping that actual trash is the only thing that ends up in there. (3) You also put away all your laundry with little direction. I think you actually liked doing it too. Mainly because you continued to put your dirty socks away in your sock drawer. It's the thought that counts. (4) I believe I have mentioned this before but you are also very helpful in the kitchen. You particularly like stirring and adding ingredients. Today you even helped daddy make your waffles. (5) When it is time to your brush your teeth YOU have to get the toothpaste and toothbrush out of the cabinet yourself. Then you have to put your brush under the faucet before we brush your teeth. Of course you put the toothpaste and toothbrush back as well.

Are you sure you are only 1 and a 1/2?

You are very interested in how things work and once you learn how to do something new you want to do it every time.

Every door is closed by you and every light is turned off and on by you, followed by a high five to reward the awesomeness.

Now for my proudest mommy moment -

You know that "the Situation" means to lift up your shirt and show off your belly.


  1. What an amazing little boy! I smiled sooo many times when I read your entry...we are so lucky to have these amazing little kiddos!

  2. Btw....a big LOL about the situation!

  3. I agree! Our kids are amazing! I had been told how amazing being a mom was but I never expected this.


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