Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Made It!

(Saturday September 4, 2010)

We finally made it to the beach! We are on day three of our vacation and we are having a blast. We haven't strayed too far from our usual routine except that play time is spent down in the sand. I gotta say life at the beach isn't that bad. I think a girl could get used to this.

I am going to back track a bit and discuss our road trip. I have found that when Adam and I go on road trips the more tired and frustrated we get the sillier we get. We obviously wanted to get to our destination as fast as we could but when the road hands you traffic and a screaming toddler, what can you do? CAR DANCE! We turned up the music and got down "Jersey Shore" style by beating that beat. I caught a few clips of our car dancing in action for you. Take a peek...

As most of you know our vacation was almost derailed by hurrican Earl. We weren't going to let him ruin our vacation but he did manage to delay our road trip. Traffic coming onto the island was pretty crappy to be honest. Water and sand covered the roads which slowed everything down. I was able to snag a few photos from the car.

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