Saturday, September 4, 2010

OBX or Bust!

I am ready for the sun on my face, the wind in my hair, and sand in my toes.

The Walls family is headed south down to North Carolina. My dad and step-mom turned Adam and I onto a little town called Avon a few years ago. It is a quiet little town, especially this time of year, in the Outer Banks. We are teaming up with the Trigiani's for a fun family filled week. It will be Landon's first visit to the beach so of course we are super excited for him to experience another first. I can't wait to see his reaction to the surf and sand.

We are almost all packed and ready to hit the road. I have managed to fill every inch of the car with necessary and unnecessary items for the next week. I know what all of you are thinking "9:00 and you aren't on the road yet?" We are taking the slow track down to the beach. We want to be relaxed and not in rush. That's what vacation is about, right? Anyways thanks to Earl, the hurricane that just blew through the east coast, we have a later check in time than the usual 5:00pm (isn't that late enough?). Adam and I already had one bad experience in OBX where we were all dressed up with nowhere to go and we will NEVER do that again. Better to be late than early when it comes to checking in is our new motto.

I hope all my readers have a fantastic last weekend of summer and end it with style.

In case anyone is interested here is a link about Avon ( Maybe next year some of you can come along with us!

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