Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Jagger Time!

Sunday we ventured out to Front Royal to spend time with Jagger Family and watch some football. We had a great time. It is always fun hanging out with them and I just LOVE seeing little Jayden. He is growing so fast! It is hard to believe he is 2 1/2 months already.

Cutest Steeler Fan!

Landon of course made himself at home and played with all of Jayden's toys.

 But I think his favorite thing of the whole evening was the chips and dip. It was cute watching him put his little hand into the bowl and grab a chip. He was very proud of himself every time he managed to snag another one.

Nap time?

Landon is so cute when he starts to get sleepy. We always know it is time for a nap when he starts to lay his head down. It really is the cutest and sweetest thing, especially if he chooses to lay down on one of us. He is so active now I will take my hugs and cuddles whenever I can.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Date Night

Adam and I made our escape tonight. We have been overdue for a night out by ourselves so asked my aunt and uncle to watch Landon while we made our way to dinner and a movie. We had a great time. We decided on watching the movie "The Town" with Ben Afleck. It turned out to be a pretty decent movie. It was predictable in the end but had a lot of good one liners.

While we were in the theater we received this adorable picture mail from my aunt. I didn't think it was possible for Landon to just go to sleep like this. He must have worn himself out with all of the fun they were having. Our little sleeping beauties.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Gerber Baby

I know Landon isn't much of a Gerber "Baby" anymore but I definitely think he could be in an advertisement for them. I snagged this photo of him eating his puffs (again) the other day. I think it goes without saying that he finished the rest of them. I believe we will soon be finding a cheaper alternative to his favorite snack.

Happy Meal

(Wednesday September 15, 2010)

Today I decided to treat Landon to dinner at McDonalds. Adam has softball on Wednesday nights and we were going to go visit the Swaney family so I thought it would be nice to go out for a quick bite before hand. I know now why they call it a "Happy" meal. He had a really good time. I hope as he gets older he will still join me for little get away dinners so we can chat about his day.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bless you!

Yesterday Landon and I were having lunch. He had finished up before I did and of course once he saw my sandwich he just had to have a bite or two or three. I of course gave into the begging and sat him up on my lap and we took turns taking bites. It was really cute watching him take tiny bites of the turkey and cheese. We were down to the good part (I always eat the crust first) and maybe two adult bites left when he sneezed on it! Next time I will make him his own.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hail to the Redskins!

They did it! The Redskins beat the Cowboys last night in the season opener. It was definitely a nail biter. I don't think I felt comfortable the whole game. The Cowboys have a way of making miracles happen especially at the Redskins expense. The clock was down to three seconds and the Cowboys had the ball. Romo threw a touchdown pass which was caught but unfortunately (for them) there was a holding penalty on the offense. It is a shame it had to end on a penalty but my mother always taught me that cheaters never win and proved true last night.

I do believe in miracles and maybe one occurred last night but I like to think that the extra cheers from Landon and Taylor helped them win.

Landon in his Redskin onsie
Taylor in her Coooooley Jersey

We were all raised Redskins. I remember watching the game and "selling" peanuts and popcorn to my parents during the game. I can just picture the Walls family gathered around the tv as Adam and Jessie grew up watching the games and cheering on the Skins.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

TP Party

(Friday September 10, 2010)

One the last day we were at the beach there wasn't much time for activities. We were trying to make a break for it so we didn't get stuck in rush hour traffic. As we were running around getting all of our belongings together Landon discovered the toilet paper. Toilet paper is becoming his new obsession. Strange but true. I am hoping this will help in the potty training process when it comes up.

Pool Time Fun and Then...

(Thursday September 9, 2010)

It is all fun and games until someone gets tired. We thought we would give the baby pool a whirl today. It was going well for awhile. Landon was enjoying playing with the beach toys and he really liked it when Adam poured water on him from the flower pot. That was a big hit. Then suddenly we had a complete breakdown and it was time to call it quits. I do feel that I need to mention prior to the breakdown he also enjoyed ducking his forehead into the water and pushing down the side of the pool and watching the water go everywhere.

After the head dunking.

Draining the pool

Sweet Escape

(Wednesday September 8, 2010)

After we finished up dinner we made an escape down the beach for a walk and down the street for some ice cream. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

A Mighty Wind

(Wednesday September 8, 2010)

I couldn't stop laughing even though the left side of my face was burning. It happened so quickly. We were sitting on the beach enjoying ourselves when a mighty wind came and knocked the umbrella out of the ground. I got smacked in the face and the umbrella tumbled down the shoreline. It took a minute before it registered with Adam that he needs to go get the umbrella. He ran down the beach chasing the umbrella and we became the people that we typically laugh at. I didn't catch any photos of the umbrella blowing away (probably too busy laughing) but I managed to grab a few of him bringing it back. Thank goodness for the guy in the red trunks who helped us stop the umbrella.


We have witnessed  a similar scene before with Landon in the pool at his grandmother's house. He would float around with his fingers in his mouth and not a care in the world. I never thought however that it would occur again while being dipped in the ocean. He looks like he is ready for another nap. Now that is what I call RELAXED.

Riding the Waves

(Wednesday September 8, 2010)

The waves weren't something you would typically get excited over but when you are a little over 2 feet tall they were pretty massive. I took a few photos so you would know what we are dealing with. Please note that in order to get the photos of Landon I had to be a few feet deeper into the water. It was interesting to say the least. It is amazing what you would do for a good photo.


We would dip Landon in the water and he would come up and just laugh and laugh. I think he had a really good time. I am looking forward to our next visit when he will be able to run and splash in the water on his own. It will be a whole new joy to experience.
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