Monday, September 13, 2010

Hail to the Redskins!

They did it! The Redskins beat the Cowboys last night in the season opener. It was definitely a nail biter. I don't think I felt comfortable the whole game. The Cowboys have a way of making miracles happen especially at the Redskins expense. The clock was down to three seconds and the Cowboys had the ball. Romo threw a touchdown pass which was caught but unfortunately (for them) there was a holding penalty on the offense. It is a shame it had to end on a penalty but my mother always taught me that cheaters never win and proved true last night.

I do believe in miracles and maybe one occurred last night but I like to think that the extra cheers from Landon and Taylor helped them win.

Landon in his Redskin onsie
Taylor in her Coooooley Jersey

We were all raised Redskins. I remember watching the game and "selling" peanuts and popcorn to my parents during the game. I can just picture the Walls family gathered around the tv as Adam and Jessie grew up watching the games and cheering on the Skins.


  1. Oh my gosh....I've forgotten about that picture!! What a hoot! Seeing that picture of Landon reminds me of a picture of Adam when he was little. I need to find it :)

  2. More embarrassing of Adam then me... thankfully!


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