Friday, March 25, 2011

Trouble with Thomas

What is the deal with little boys and trains?

Landon at one point was so obsessed with his Thomas the Train set that we had to it away for awhile. It was getting in the way of him socializing with the family and playing with his other toys and I didn't like that very much. Thomas was the only toy that he wanted to play with and he wanted to play with it all the time!

I will admit that I loved seeing his excitement as he watched the little trains go on the track. He even learned how to fix the tracks when Thomas got stuck.

I have collected a few pictures from earlier in the year to prove my point.

This was "primo" seating for Thomas watching

Sitting Beside Thomas - without pants?

Watching Thomas
Holding Thomas

Does your child have an attachment to any particular toy? How did you handle the new obsession?


Journey to 30 Update

In January I wrote this post about my Journey to 30.

Here is a quick status update on my progress. It has only been a few months but I have managed to make a little bit of progress on my list.

- I have started a new blog "Literally Inspired" so I am definitely blogging more than I was. Maybe too much now. It is definitely occupying a lot of my time. This also means that I have started up my dream business. There are still a lot of kinks to work out but I am getting there. You can read more about that in this post.

- I have started reading more as well. Lately I have managed to read one book a week. It is a miracle! The new book I started this week however has been tough. I just can't get into it. I have heard it starts off slow and picks up momentum but right now it basically sucks! I am going to try and stick with it but I am about ready to call it quits and start a new one.

- My house is finally starting to get decorated too! I can't believe it! We have lived in our house for almost four years and there is nothing on the walls. It is pathetic! Last weekend we hung some shelving and picture frames and next week I am going to start painting Landon's room. I will be sure to post before and after photos of the transformation. I can't wait for him to have a room that is full of color and personality just like him!

I haven't been successful with everything on my list but I am taking baby steps. I still have 9 more months to go.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I love him

"Give me a son, whose heart will be clear, whose goals will be high, a son who will master himself before he seeks to master other men, one who will learn to laugh, yet never forget to weep, one who will reach into the future, yet never forget the past."

Author: unknown

Hey! There's a Monkey on my Bed!

There was a lot of Monkey Business going on last weekend at our house.

Landon ate "Nanas"  - that's what he calls them - like it was his job.

And he also got a little exercise jumping around the bed.

I have found that letting Landon play on the bed is a fun activity for him and I get to finish up laundry {lucky me}.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Who Let the Dog(s) Out?


Don't worry mom, I got this.

He did such a great job walking Savannah this afternoon.  

Landon got such a kick out of it too. 
He was beaming with pride, and so was I!

He even wanted to carry the poop bag {clarification - empty poop bag}! Seriously y'all? So cute!

I love my little helper!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Literally Inspired - Mommy's got a brand new blog!

As if I didn't have enough on my plate I already I am adding one more thing to my bag of tricks.

I am starting up a new blog/crafting buisness.

I have been reading so many "Mommy Blogs" lately I thought, Hey I can do that!

My idea is this:

I write and caft about what I read in books, blogs, magazines, or the back of the cereal box. Whatever I want pretty much!

I love reading books and I am often inspired by them and I love creating new things.

I am nervous about starting. The first step is always the hardest.

I am really excited about all of the ideas I have for this blog/buisness and although right now I don't have a lot of content, I hope that I can count on all of my readers here for support.

You can follow me by going to any of the following links:


Thank you for your support on my journey!


Monday, March 7, 2011

New Game!

Mornings have never been so much fun at our house!

Landon invented a new game to play when we wake him up in the morning.

You can play this fun game too. All you need are the following supplies:

1. One Toddler - who can walk and/or run in his/her crib
2. A Crib
3. Stuffed animal - any toy will do but I recommend something soft in case you get in the line of fire.
4. Sleepy parent

How to play:

Toddler stands in crib and throws whatever is inside said crib at sleepy parent.
Toddler then has to run or walk around the perimeter of crib until the parent retrieves the toy and hands it back to them. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!


There is only one rule! When the toy is being thrown the toddler must roar like a dinosaur.

The game is over when the sleepy parent either [a] gets hit in the head or [b] sleepy parent decides it is time for some coffee.

I hope you have as much fun playing this game as we do!

This post is brought to you by Landon "Stinky Face" Walls.
July 2010 - 11 months old

Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Park Pictures

As promised here are my favorite photos from our park excursion on Sunday. I took 119 photos - I know, I am insane. I couldn't help myself. I had to play around with all different settings on my camera. I think we got a lot of good ones of him playing. I love how clear outside photos are.

I did want to point out that there was another little boy at the park that day. He was probably around 3 and he was showing Landon what "big kids" did at the park. He was really cute. His name was Landon too, what are the odds? He must have been so confused when I kept on saying his name.

Big Landon and Little Landon

Watching Big Landon Play

This photo isn't centered well but I love his face.

He wasn't sure about walking on the mulch.

He finally got the hang of it.

Can we go now? I need a nap.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MARCH-ing On!

I am really pumped to start a new month!

In my opinion, every week and even every day is a fresh start.

If you had a bad day, you get to go to bed and wake up the next morning refreshed and hopefully things will go better.

If you had a bad week, you recover over the weekend and on Monday you can try it all over again and hope for better results.

But the first of the Month, well it's a whole new ball game! You have 30 days to accomplish your goals! 30 days to do try something new. The first day of the month is a clean slate {and payday - so even sweeter} for you begin again.

What are your goals for this month?

Here are a few of mine:

{1} I have been teetering on my dieting. Point blank - I have been AWFUL! I haven't gone to the gym for the last two weeks and chocolate has been my best friend. Today I start yet AGAIN. I want to drop 8 pounds by the end of the month. It is only 2 pounds a week so TOTALLY doable.

I have roughly 20 pounds to go to get to my goal weight. IF I get my act together I will make my goal in time for the beach.

{2} Get a system down for keeping the house clean. OMG - I go through this every month, week, hour, minute! It is the perpetual Monkey on my back. Who brings all of this stuff into our house? I swear there are little leprechauns that come to my house in the middle of the night and drop off Target bags full of crap. I wake up in the morning and there is stuff everywhere! Why do they do this to me?

But, seriously, any tips on keeping up with the cleaning? I have "tried" {I use this term loosely} cleaning a little every day, doing 1 room a day, doing EVERYTHING on Saturday or Sunday, but nothing seems to stick.

I have even created an index card system that has all the chores on an index card and when it is complete you move it to the next day.

I honestly think the only way to keep your house clean is to stuff everything into a closet and hope no one EVER opens it.

{3} Coupon More!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE me a good bargain!

My goal this month is to keep up with my coupon cutting and coupon blogs better. I am always a day late to the super savers party and it drives me crazy! I actually get a cringe of jealousy when I hear about these women who got hundreds of dollars of groceries for next to nothing! I want to be her!

We use coupons regularly in our house but I want to be on TOP of the sale. I want to know about the sale before the store even knows they are having the sale, buy extra coupons in advance, stalk the grocery store to make sure they have it in stock, and buy every last available item. I want to be that GOOD.

The way I see it, our grocery money is really the only place where we have control over saving money. If you know of any great websites to check out or having any tips for me please e-mail me! I want to know everything I can!

Wish me luck! I will keep you posted throughout the month. I can totally do this!

Hoping you all have a VERY ELECTRIFYING MARCH!!

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