Thursday, July 7, 2011

he runs, he climbs, he laughs

In six weeks or less Landon will be two. There is so much of me that wants him to stay my little baby forever. Then I see how proud he gets when he does something a "big" kid would do and it makes it ok that he is growing up, but only a little bit.

A few months ago (probably my last blog post *sigh*) we went to park and Landon walked very slowly on the mulch with a lot of coaxing. Tonight, a whole new kid. He RAN to the playground and immediately started up the steps to the slide. It was amazing! I couldn't believe it was the same person.

This time he wanted nothing to do with swing. No sir! The swing is boring in comparison to running around and climbing on things. He is definitely ALL boy.

I love this little guy.

Side note - if you want a good hug you need to see this little guy. He holds on so tight he will take your breath away.

Here are some of my favorite photos -

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