Thursday, January 20, 2011

We caught a bug!

Stomach bug that is.

After my fourth costume change of the evening (I will spare you the details) we headed out to the ER to get Landon checked out. We wanted to make sure that dehydration wasn't an issue and I'll admit it, we are new parents which means we may over react at times.

I am really glad we went. Even though we were all tired, hungry (you would think we had seen enough food for the evening), and cranky he seemed to make a very quick recovery. The doctors gave him medicine to help with the vomiting and then we slowly let him drink some juice.

So what do you do when you have a one year old who wants his juice but has to wait five minutes in between sips? You start a marching band silly! It is hard to see in this video but he was so cute trying to march his little feet. We either marched in our marching band, played peek a boo with the nurses outside our door, or opened and closed our privacy curtain.

That's why I love my family - no matter what the situation we try and make of the best of what we are given. And thank you Landon for making my 29th Birthday the most memorable yet! XOXO

NOTE: I didn't get a chance to do my vocal warm up so I may be a little out of tune. And this is very bad video quality which could also affect the quality of my voice. Just a few things to keep in mind ; )

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