Monday, January 24, 2011

One Little Table, One Little Chair

I want Landon to have his own little area to be creative or to sit and read. I think it is important that he has a place for himself that is "Landon" sized. I am still looking for a chair that is a little more comfortable for lounging with mom and dad in front of the television.

Maybe something like this:

But for now he has a cute little blue table and an unfinished chair. Adam didn't really like the chair because of the color but I saw "project" so we picked it up anyways. I plan on painting it to match the table.

We have yet to color and do art projects as I had planned but he is really enjoying sitting at his table and reading his books. Sometimes he just wants to sit at the table because he can. I think he feels important when he sits at his table.

Feet ALMOST touch the ground

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