Monday, January 31, 2011

Little Gym

I took Landon to the Little Gym in Gainesville on Saturday. They offer a free class to try so what the heck! He was exactly how I expected him to be - a CLING ON. He didn't let me go until the last five minutes of the class. The teacher promised that he would get better the more that he went but I am not sure.

He was the oldest kid in the class so I wonder if he would benefit from going to the next class up where all the kids are walking. In the class we went to there were a lot of crawlers/starting to walk. I think he would learn a lot from going to the Little Gym. They teach tumbling, sign language, sing songs, and play games. I guess Adam and I will keep it in mind and see if it is something we want him to do on a regular basis.

Has anyone else been to the Little Gym or something similar that their child really enjoyed?

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