Monday, February 28, 2011

What a difference...

... a day makes!

And having a healthy kid! I am as sympathetic as the next person but the last two weeks have been trying {aka I was ready to run out like my house was on fire} with Landon not feeling well. It is heartbreaking seeing him struggle with a runny nose and a cough. I just want my mommy hugs and kisses to heal everything! But unfortunately they don't.

After two weeks of wiping noses and late night hack attacks we are back to our usual happy go lucky selves!


I have a few short stories prepared for you today.


{1} Landon has been doing this number for a while now but I keep on forgetting to post it on the blog. Adam and I try to offer Landon a variety of foods but the kid really knows what he likes and what he doesn't. If he doesn't want to eat something he is not afraid to say so. He has "Yes" and "No" down to a 'T' when it comes to his food choices. The funniest thing {which is the actually story I wanted to tell in the first place} is that he knows when we try to hide a "No" food on the same bite with a "Yes" food. He will either (a) reject the whole bite entirely or (b) take the whole bite and spit out the rejects. Clever little monkey!

{2} We have a nightly routine as most families do. We have dinner and a little bit of play time and around 7:00 we start getting ready bed {bath, teeth brushed, ears cleaned, etc...}. A few weeks ago I went in to grab Landon's pajamas and a diaper so we could go up and give him a bath {he LOVES bath time}. I took his pjs out of the drawer and handed them over to him and he just waited in his room. I grabbed a diaper and he comes up and snatches it and walks out of his room. When I caught up to him he was halfway upstairs. I guess he was ready for some fun in the tub!

{3} Along with our bath routine we also watch a little Sprout in the evenings. We all have our favorite shows. I personally like Caillou, Adam likes the Pajanimals, and Landon likes Thomas. Star and Nina introduce each show with "Let's see what friend is coming to visit next. Hi ___________". Landon is so cute because he waves and says hello to each friend when their show starts. I will definitely try and get a video to show you. It is so adorable.

Something new occurs every day so look out for more little nuggets like this in the future. I want to have a record of every cute little thing Landon does!


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