Monday, February 28, 2011


I spoke earlier about the Sprout Channel.

I basically love this channel. 

It really is an amazing channel. I know that there is a general rule of thumb that too much television is a bad thing, but honestly I don't really care. 

I love that Landon hears the music to the Wiggles and he must immediately run into the living room so he can watch. 

Tonight during dinner he heard the music {Hot Potato, Hot Potato} while he was eating dinner and HAD to go watch. He got down {with help, let's not get ahead of ourselves}, ran in the living room to dance a bit, and came back to the table to finish dinner.

That's not bad, right?

I was raised on Laverne and Shirley and Days of our Lives. Stefano had died 5 times before I was 12. 

I think I turned out ok {no comments necessary}.

You can go to to get more information and also get some great craft ideas.

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