Friday, March 25, 2011

Trouble with Thomas

What is the deal with little boys and trains?

Landon at one point was so obsessed with his Thomas the Train set that we had to it away for awhile. It was getting in the way of him socializing with the family and playing with his other toys and I didn't like that very much. Thomas was the only toy that he wanted to play with and he wanted to play with it all the time!

I will admit that I loved seeing his excitement as he watched the little trains go on the track. He even learned how to fix the tracks when Thomas got stuck.

I have collected a few pictures from earlier in the year to prove my point.

This was "primo" seating for Thomas watching

Sitting Beside Thomas - without pants?

Watching Thomas
Holding Thomas

Does your child have an attachment to any particular toy? How did you handle the new obsession?



  1. Seems to me it's a good sign that his attention span (at such a young age) is long enough to continue with one toy. He's creative enough to find new ways to play to keep him entertained!

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  2. Thomas the train is also my boys favorite. I like the newer thomas movies better than the old ones. They are much friendlier.

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  3. Hi there, noticed you were following so I thought I'd check you out! Love your son's red hair, how darling. My son is 11 now but when he was your son's age until 9, was obsessed with dinosaurs. Most of the time he was carrying one or a book. In fact he has decided that he wants to be a paleontologist!

    So maybe your little guy will be a train conductor!

    Now following you!



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