Sunday, November 14, 2010


My little man has broken out with another rash. This will his second breakout in about a month. The first time he broke out with tiny pink bumps and the doctor told us it was his body's reaction to a virus leaving his body. We were told it would dissipate in 3-5 days. This time his rash was a much brighter red and seemed to cover more of his body. Adam took him to the doctor and it turns out he is allergic to penicillin. At this time he is almost fully recovered thank goodness. As bad as the rash was we were very happy that the reaction wasn't more severe. So if anyone ever has to take Landon to the doctor or hospital PLEASE make sure you tell them he is allergic to penicillin and anything related to it.

I tried to get some pictures but the bumps are hard to see in the photos.

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