Saturday, October 2, 2010

Always an Adventure

We have declared Saturday's as "Family Fun Day" in our house. From now on every Saturday we will set out for an adventure together with the primary goal of having a good time.

Today we opted for a little shopping (my idea) and then head down to the park. I looked it up online and found there was one in our neighborhood. Unfortunately the map was a little mis-leading because we never found it. We walked around our whole neighborhood and it wasn't where the map said it would be. We did manage to get a few cute pictures of Landon holding Savannah's leash as we were walking. He is such a big helper.

When we finally made it home we decided to look at the map one more time and head out again but in the car this time. We drove out of our neighborhood and worked our way to the street behind our whole subdivision. No luck! Finally I suggested we just go to the school down the street and let him play there. Wouldn't you know - there was the park. Unbelievable! After all that driving around it was five minutes down the street the whole time. I had no idea that there was a park beside the school. At least now we know for the next time.

Landon had a lot of fun. I think he enjoyed the swing the most. Obviously he is still too small to go down the slide or climb the equipment by himself. I do think once he is able to he will love it.

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