Friday, May 20, 2011

family vacation and a few other things

Our vacation has FINALLY arrived! I am so excited to get the show on the road. A full week of fun with friends and family. What more could a girl ask for?


I promise to update this blog with photos daily! I am going to do it this time.

Before we go I wanted to share a few Landon stories.

I am afraid that I don't visit this blog often enough. I know it is the same old song and dance but it does bother me that I am not keeping better track of his shenanigans in writing.

Story One:

This is more for records sake than telling all of you because most of you have witnessed this cuteness.

So Landon - you do this cute little move (have been for months) where you pull your arms into your chest, scrunch up your adorable little face, and tremble. It is CAAAUUTE! For the most part you will do it on command. My mission this weekend is to get it on VIDEO!

Story Two:

Landon is OBSESSED with Cailou! If the TV is on and Cailou is not - we have a problem. He will immediately grab the remote control and try to "fix" the television.

Story Three:

Landon now holds up his pointer finger anytime he needs to intergect into a conversation as to say "excuse me" or possibly "shut up" and when he says "no".

Story Four:

Landon is also obessed with planes and birds. Loves them!

Story Five:

Landon is the official dog walker for Savannah. We are not allowed to hold the leash anymore. So independent.

Story Six:

Words and phrases are flowing like a faucet! I am amazed everyday at what he is putting together. I will write a separate post with all of his sayings. Promise!

The last few were tidbits really and I probably have a lot more because let's be honest my kid is amazing! I however have a trillion things to do before we go on vacation.

I love you all and you will hear from soon, possibly even tomorrow!

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