Friday, April 22, 2011

homemade bubbles

Every once and awhile I get a little domestic and crafty. Last weekend I made Landon some homemade bubbles. I haven't figured out if this method is actually cheaper than just buying a bottle at the dollar store. I have a feeling that it is. I paid $5.00 for the glycerin and the other ingredients are just dish soap and water. You only need a little bit of glycerin for the recipe so it will last a long time.

We didn't have any bubble wands on hand so we made do with cooking utensils. Thanks to my neighbor for that idea!

Landon had a blast shaking the spatula and watching the bubbles go everywhere. He also enjoyed dumping all the bubbles out.

It was a fun and thrifty Sunday afternoon activity.


  1. Can you post the recipe for the bubble solution?

  2. Yes! I can. I have to look up the exact portions first : )


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